The Episcopal Church Building Fund has a long history of serving Episcopal Church ministries. ECBF was founded in 1880 in response to the rapid expansion of the Episcopal Church in the United States. Over the course of these 125+ years, we have assisted in building new churches, helped congregations to grow, and provided guidance in opening church doors to important ministries.†


Loan for ministries 

ECBF provides loans for building and renovation projects. We invite applications for loans for capital building projects both large and small. ECBF loans are available to Episcopal Church congregations for building and renovation projects for churches, schools, rectories and expansions of ministry projects. ECBF loans are made directly to Episcopal parishes with the permission of their diocese. 


consulting services

ECBF Consulting Services help congregations thrive, so that lives inside church buildings and out in our community are transformed through the ministry of our church, by God.  Services are available for congregations, dioceses, regional groups, as well as vestry, board and council leaders.  ECBF consultants work with your goals, context, budget, and timeline. Together we design the approach that will work best for you.