Additional Services

Building Project Planning

Workshop for construction project planning with the goal of preparing to work with an architect, knowing your budget ceiling, and description of functional use of the building


  • set a building project budget you can afford
  • envision and describe ministries which the building will need to support
  • elements of worship space design, flexible space, visitor friendly buildings,
  • make group decisions with minimal conflict
  • Designed for the building project team, treasurer, parish leaders, of individual or groups of parishes who are considering a building project.

Green/Environmental Audit

On-site evaluation of property for cost savings and to minimize your carbon footprint with the goal of developing recommendations for energy efficient improvements that result in cost savings and reduced environmental impact.


  • LEED certified property review of HVAC, lighting, insulation, window, water use
  • Written report of energy use and production potential
  • In-depth recommendations with analyzed cost saving potential
  • Ideal for parochial schools, church buildings, large roofs, older heating and lighting systems.


Site selection and relocation for congregations that have decided to find a property better suited for their capacity or proximity to their target audience for sharing the faith. This is a customized process with targeted analysis of the congregations' sociological “sweet spot”, ministry visioning, guidance in redevelopment, and decision making. The expected outcome is to become younger in average age, and grow again.


  • Identify population areas with highest growth potential based on current sociology of congregation
  • Introduce congregation to new location of best promise
  • Make decision to let go and relocate
  • Organizational planning and restructuring

Demographic Analysis of the parish and the neighborhoods best suited to the congregation to assess fit. The goal is to assess the fit of the congregation to their location and offer options; to identify population areas with highest growth potential based on current sociology of congregation, and to introduce the congregation to the new location of best promise.

Building Assessment to evaluate property condition in the context of ministry. This entails an onsite evaluation, with written report of property concerns and recommendations, building condition and maintenance needs, relevance of buildings to parish ministry, finances, demographics, and life cycle stage, and use of space and esthetics of facility.

Architectural Advice to evaluate structural options. This is for congregations needing clarity about their facility needs when it is premature to establish a long-term relationship with an architect. Contractors assess property issues related to facility accessibility and usage, remodeling and renovations advisability, site development, and relocation.

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