Recasting of Assets

Recasting of Assets is a faith-based, transparent process, designed to minimize conflict. This is a coached process to assess vitality and financial sustainability, choose a ministry direction, and take the necessary action to get there. Two coach/facilitators work in groups of six congregations. Each parish in the group of six is individually coached. The process includes five on-site visits over a 13-month period.


  • Financial sustainability: live within your means or increase income using the real estate
  • Growth: Be the church in your local context in ways relevant to the community, sharing your faith with neighbors
  • Connection: Use your property to connect to the neighborhood, create permeable walls
  • Direction:  Where does the congregation want to go?
  • Action: Inculcate change into the system, thwart the inertia of WIB (Way It’s Been)
  • Closure, if needed: If the decision is made that your buildings are no longer needed or cannot be sustained, plan the closure with intention, turning assets over for use in new ministry

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